The benefits of oils

The benefits of oils

Nutrition and hydration of the skin is simply necessary. To do this, use natural products, for example, oils.

What is the benefits of oils?

Without fat traces

Human skin absorbs cosmetics best, which contains natural oils: argon, olive. Unlike mineral oil, which is a liquid paraffin, they do not form a fat film on our body and practically does not leave stains on clothes. Cosmetics with tea wood oils, orange, will keep your skin smooth and velvety.

Slow reaction

Useful substances only from natural oils have a property such as accumulation in the body and also continue to take care of the skin, even when you do not use cosmetics at all. It is very useful for the skin of the hands that is prone to dry. Massage once a week, while using a cream or hand for the hand with oil content. Be extremely careful when choosing such a tool. Pay attention to the composition.

Easy breath

Creating a mood is not so difficult. It is easy to take a bath with aromatic oil. You inhale vitamin pairs that perfectly strengthen the nervous system and improve the mood. If you do not want them to evaporate earlier than the water, then the water in the bath should be no more than 38 degrees Celsius. If you choose essential oil, then do not add foam, because its smell will break through the natural smell of oil. Be sure to follow the dosage, do not add more than 7-8 drops per bath. As a result of an overdose, an allergic reaction to this oil may occur.

Special nutrition


Hair for a beautiful shine just needs vitamin E, contained in an excess of vegetable oils! Mix olive, corn and vegetable oil 1/5 teaspoon of each. After that, carefully apply a third of the hair length for 15-20 minutes. Wrap your head with a warm towel.

Thin aroma

You probably know that the smell of lavender perfectly contributes to favorable sleep. 30 grams of lavender pour 500 ml of wheat germ oils and leave in a dark well -ventilated room, at least three days. Strain the oil through gauze and pour into the bottle. You can put the dry branch of lavender inside. Moisten your skin every time before bedtime and pleasant dreams!