Why is it necessary to observe a diet in diabetes

Diabetes differ in two types, in the first cases in the body there is a lack of insulin, which are responsible for the decomposition of glucose, with the development of diabetes of the second type, there are disorders of the mechanism of effects of insulin with the cells of the body. If you understand everything in more detail, then in the first type of disease, the body cannot develop insulin in the amount of the necessary amount for it, with the development of diabetes of the second type, there is more insulin than you need.

Treatment of diabetes lasts a long time, is carried out comprehensively. According to the rules of successful recovery, treatment should be prescribed by the attending physician. In addition to taking recommended drugs, the patient will have to constantly observe a special diet in diabetes. The diet with the first type should be especially strictly adhered to, since with non -compliance with the rules, the patient’s condition can deteriorate sharply, in difficult moments the patient may fall into a coma. In particularly severe cases, death is observed.

Why is it necessary to observe a diet in diabetes: Reasons

The reasons for the diet in diabetes, I think, are understandable for everyone, the main purpose of which is the limited intake of carbohydrates into the body, especially for all easily digestible, the patient will also have to balance the amount of protein and fat consumption. Diet in diabetes excludes from the patient’s diet, sugar, a sweet product will be allowed to change for a small amount of honey or any other food product, which contains fructose, this substance is much better and easier to digest than glucose. If you have diabetes, but you cannot live a day without sweets, it is recommended for you to purchase special sweeteners in a pharmacy.

With the development of diabetes of the first type, it is important to ensure that during the day, the consumption of carbohydrates exceeds 25 bread units. The permitted amount of carbohydrates approximately corresponds to 25 grams of bread or 12 grams of carbohydrates. The higher the weight of the body of the patient of the diabetes and its physical activity, the closer the amount of bread units to the permitted norm 25. With each meal, a patient with diabetes is not recommended to consume more than seven units. To improve the well -being of a patient with diabetes, it is recommended to make such a diet that the total number of units was with each meal, approximately the same. Drinking alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited.

If we consider the diabetes of the second type, which, unfortunately, is more common, then observing the diet and recommended rules for diabetes, the diet can guarantee the normal state of the body even throughout life. But, nevertheless, it is important to observe a diet with diabetes, especially by the fact that in case of violations of nutrition rules, an overweight that often take extreme forms of obesity can observe a patient with diabetes.