Postpartum period

The postpartum period lasts about eight and ten weeks. All the time of pregnancy, you not only took care of your health, as well as your child. You ate such a volume of food with which you completely saturated your body, and also completely supplied with all the necessary nutrients and vitamins for the normal development of your baby. You have done the most important and necessary task in your life – gave birth to a full and healthy child, it is very difficult both psychologically and physically. And after childbirth, you will have to cope with another task to try to rebuild your body, since during pregnancy your body produced special hormones of pregnancy, and after giving birth, your body replaces pregnancy hormones with hormones that are responsible for lactation. The uterus also begins to fear that it will be restored and price into a normal state, it is also a very difficult process after a generic. To the changes in your mood during pregnancy, approximately the same still wakes up in the postpartum period. And most importantly, of course, all this is an eastern time, after childbirth, try to relax more and restore lost forces. You definitely need these accumulated forces, because you have a completely different life, you now not only have to monitor your health, and you also wakes up a lot of effort and energy for your baby. And this one is very difficult and of course very difficult. The most important thing for you is of course the help of loved ones who will help you in the birth period and will also help you with the child. It wakes up very useful for you in the first days after childbirth, lying more with his baby on the bed, so the mother and the child have proximity. This is very important for you and of course for your baby. So that he would feel all your intimacy and care that is so for your child. Get up from time to time and move a little to normalize blood circulation in the body. But if you perform such an exercise to lie on the bed of the child in the three.e, baby and dad, it wakes up much better and of course these minutes are simply unique in the first days after childbirth. Your baby wakes up to feel just perfect, and accordingly you need it too. Try that your husband would give his child as much as possible. And then your baby wakes up normally and, of course, he will receive full development. For the first time, it is advisable to abandon two weeks for two weeks, since you have not yet completely recovered and, accordingly, the child is still weak. What process occurs in your body after childbirth? In postpartum fights, your uterus is completely restored and acquires the original shape from one kilogram to 50 grams. How it is restored, you can feel when you will breastfeed your baby.