What will warm in severe frost types of women’s wardrobe

The woman warms, first of all, love, but in severe frost, fur coats from the mink of fashionable styles are well warm. Mink fur coat is not only warm, but above all the attribute of a luxurious woman. Mink fur coat is a classic decoration of a well -groomed, stylish woman. Also, the mink coat goes to absolutely all women, whether it be a fragile young girl or woman of Balzac age, you just need to choose the right style and color of the fur. The choice of fur coats is so great that more than one woman will not remain indifferent. But not only mink coats are beautiful, there are many fur, which is no less valuable and no less adorns and warms the beautiful half.

For example, a fox fur coat is a fashionable and beautiful attribute of the wardrobe of any woman, fox fur is warm, fluffy and soft. He lies very beautifully and has a great brilliance. As a rule, fox fur coats of red and white are considered the most beautiful. These are natural colors, therefore, their view is truly luxurious.

Wolf fur coat is an attribute for every day. It is particularly practical and nos open, it is also warm and comfortable. One minus of such a fur coat, the fur may seem heavy.

Not so long ago, the so -called muton fur coats came into fashion. This is a short -haired natural fur, such fur coats have quite attractive fur, lightness, and are considered quite warm. There is also a significant plus this is their price. They are not very expensive, since the fur of not the best quality is on such a fur coat, which subsequently cuts off to a short underfigu. No errors are not visible, and you have a beautiful warm fur coat at a very affordable price.

Today the choice of fur coats is so great that it can be confused. From natural fur to well -made artificial. You can choose a warm new thing for every taste and size of the wallet.