Preppy style

Turning to the fashion stream today to find out as much as possible about the styles of clothing. Become a student of a prestigious college is the desire of almost every school student. Rising to the step above when obtaining new knowledge, it turns out not only to change yourself internally, but also to change your usual style for something more business, neat and most importantly convenient.

The younger youth, who today studies both in the most prestigious colleges and in various elite educational institutions, chooses a special style of clothing, called the St.

The special style of the upwards is simple, but at the same time is distinguished by a certain severity. Trying, it will stand out from the gray mass, and show yourself in the best light to turn out using the choice.

The main colors of the style of clothing of the prepue will be attributed to blue, sand, gray, bright yellow, red, khaki color and beige color. As you can see, the style of the clothes of the preppy is not so bored, because it contains beautiful and bright colors in it.

In this youth style of clothing, not only the educational form, but also hair should be ideal. It is advisable to choose a more natural hairstyle and monitor the best as possible after the state of your hair. The youth modern style of St. Preppy does not tolerate exotic hair flowers and it is advisable to remember this moment.