Soul rules

Water has always been considered a special source of life, water can be used in order to improve and improve the state of the whole organism. Currently, there are various methods for therapeutic procedures, one of this procedure will be the acceptance of the shower. Reception of a shower is special hydropower procedures, water acts in the process of treatment with the human body, in the form of a jet. The stream can be one or it can be in the form of a lot of jets, a certain temperature and pressure. Soul procedures can be completely different, it can be dusty, needle, rain, circular, struggle, as well as ascending. The shower will be treated with the streaming soul – Charcot. Thanks to such a soul, you can easily cope with the extra pounds. Currently, a shower for a summer residence will help you always be clean and fresh. Reception of a shower is also able to improve mood, since after the shower there is an extraordinary feeling of lightness. Charcot shower is not recommended for acute inflammatory processes, with the appearance of infectious diseases, as well as in some skin diseases. During pregnancy, you should also not take a shower of Charcot.

In the process of taking such a shower, it is necessary to become at a distance of 3 -3.5 meters from the shower department. The procedure of the treatment shower should begin with a fan stream. After such a jet of a person, they are poured with a compact stream, this process should be performed very carefully and slowly, it is recommended to start from the rear surface. Now the compact jet should go down one leg from the bottom up and after the other leg, it is recommended to repeat the procedure several times. After exposure to the shower to the feet, the procedure should go to the back, the stream should come on the entire back several times. The receiving shower will help everyone with a person become fit and healthy. If you want your skin to look better, it is recommended to take a shower constantly. In such cases, a contrast shower can be perfectly suitable for you. Using special products during the receipt of shower will help your skin become delicate and velvety.