Washing hair

Hair washing should only be given as it is polluted. Before starting hair washing, it is desirable to comb hair carefully. It is advisable to wash the hair with warm boiled water, also in the process of washing you can use filtered water. Filtered water is soft water that is perfect for hair washing. In order for the water to soften a little, you can boil it at the beginning and then leave for about five hours, after time, the settled water can be used while washing the hair. Also, for the preparation of soft water, you can add a spoonful of drinking soda, or a few drops of ammonia alcohol to two liters. Here are such simple ways you can cook soft water for your hair. A lot will depend on the composition of the water, and first of all the external condition of the hair. When using ordinary water from under the tap, the hair after washing becomes quite hard. Today, the creation of sites is very popular, but on our site you can only learn about beauty and health.

In the process of washing the hair, shampoo is used and after balm. But not all, by what, is not clear for us, hair balm is used. Hair balm it is advisable to use the same series as shampoo. After you wash off the shampoo from your hair, apply a small amount of balm to the hair, it is not recommended to rub it into the hair roots. If you completely apply the balm to the skin and hair, then in a short time after the soap you can notice that the hair quickly became contaminated. Since the balm is present on the roots of the hair. It is best to apply hair balm to the lower part, so the hair will not seem dirty. Keep the balm for several minutes and then rinse with warm water. Hair rinser can also be perfectly suitable for you. It is only worth choosing a suitable rinseum and during each wash use high -quality hair rinse. Here are such simple hair products, you can make hair clean, shiny, voluminous and beautiful.