Festive maninir

Many women want to see their hands with well -groomed and beautiful, especially on holidays. Since everyone knows that the festive image is created not only from makeup, hairstyles and clothes, but also from a beautiful manicure. A manicure for a woman is like a business card, when pens and nails are beautiful, you feel more confident. In this regard, there are many questions where to make a manicure and which design to choose.

Manicure can be made both for short and long nails. For each length, you can choose an interesting festive design. But if suddenly everything is at all bad with nails, you don’t have to be upset about them, you can always build up to a comfortable length for you, and will help in this ruchky.Kiev.

On such days, you can pamper yourself with the addition of a lot of different details in addition to playing the color of the festive manicure differs from the everyday fact that you can safely add the abundance of rhinestones, sparkles (they have not been considered vulgar for a long time, and even very elegant), stickers, a variety of drawings such as abstraction and geometry, you can add matte design, ombre.

But many women still prefer natural shades, for example, bed tons. Pink with gold or silver looks very elegant, and the addition of rhinestones will give a certain sophistication

Colors always remain in fashion such as white and black, they can only be supplemented with rhinestones, stickers, etc.P., And he will play in a festive. Such colors will always be beautifully combined with red, silver and golden color.

On this, the choice of flowers does not stop you can choose shades such as blue, purple, turquoise, beige, mustard, sand, light-blue, mustard.

There are such ladies who prefer bright, rich shades such as red, burgundy, dark turquoise, purple, royal blue. The choice of such flowers says about there that a lady, an obviously self -confident personality. And she is not afraid to wear such bright colors on herself.

Festive manicure makes nails very beautiful and spectacular. Therefore, do not neglect this detail in your image.

In general, everything will be selected, show and tell you in any salon, for example, in such as the manicure studio "Pench". Here you will find highly qualified masters who individually for you will be selected a festive design that is right for you. And on this wonderful day you will be the most beautiful.