Almond oil for hair Use of almond hair oil

Over the years, people used almond oil to improve body and hair condition. Since ancient times, almond oil has been used to strengthen hair. Of all existing folk remedies, almond oil occupies an honorable place.

Almond oil is obtained from almond seeds, it is enriched with various useful substances, thanks to which almond oil can improve the appearance of hair and skin. Almond oil, capable of penetrating into the depths of the farthest cells of the hair, and strengthening occur from this level. The main quality of almond oil is, of course, a rich and saturated composition, the following useful vitamins are included in the oil: – A, E, B1, B2, B6, F, and also the composition of almond oil includes useful proteins and glucose. The main beneficial properties of almond oil are protection and strengthening. It is very useful to use almond oil in the summer of the year, as it helps to protect hair from harmful ultraviolet rays. Almond oil helps to restore the normal hair structure, in addition, oil protects the scalp from excessive oily.

Use of almond hair oil

Almond oil can be safely used in its pure form, this is the almond oil differs from other oils used for hair. Before applying almond oil to the hair, it is recommended to slightly heat almond oil, for example, in a water bath. Almond oil is applied with a very thin layer, this will be enough to strengthen hair. The lifting time of almond oil should consist of about one hour for an enhanced effect of almond oil, you can leave it for the whole night. If the mask does not help, then you can always make hair extensions, it is quick and convenient.

For an improved almond oil effect, you can add a small amount of aromatic oil to it, at your discretion.

When cooking masks for your hair yourself, do not forget to add almond oil to them, this will improve the effect of your natural mask several times.

Mix a small amount of olive oil with the same amount of almond, apply oil to the hair for half an hour, rinse with neutral shampoo.

You can add one tablespoon of milk to two tablespoons of almond oil and the same amount of oatmeal. Mix all the components and apply it to the hair for one hour, wash off as usual, neutral shampoo.