The rules for choosing a children’s jogation what to pay attention to

Starting from the age of two, all children begin to lead a very active life. And for greater joy and mobility, a child’s runner will help the child. However, some mothers and dads are wondering: “Is he needed at all?»Of course, you need. After all, the children’s runner will bring the child not only joy, but also a huge benefit for health, since he develops physical health from children from an early age, which means in the future life success.

Currently in stores there is a huge selection of children’s runaways. And sometimes the parent is difficult to do which one is better. About this, we will just tell you in more detail.

When buying a baby run, you must definitely look closely at the following parameters:

Step size. Before buying, be sure to measure the distance from the groin of the child to the floor. By these standards, it will be necessary to navigate. All children’s runaways have an adjustment of the height of the seat, as all the children grow very quickly. So, carefully look so that the smallest height of the seat is no more than a measured height. In the case of greater height, the child will not be able to bend the legs well and push off from the ground.

The material was running. Baby runaways, besides simple iron models, can be still wooden and plastic. All types of children’s joggers can be viewed at TOSI/Detskij-Transport/Begovelu.

Consider individually each material:

Wooden Range – safe for health. But at the same time, the wheels of such runaways are made of rubber or PVC. There is only one minus of wooden runaways – the lack of adjustment of the seats and the steering wheel, or they have a stepped adjustment, which is very inconvenient in operation, and moreover, at the slightest fall, they may split;

plastic are the most popular models, because they have a very beautiful design and they are easy to raise. As well as plastic runaways, excellent heat resistance and resistance to rust. If such runaways are made of the latest composite material, then they will be very durable. However, such runaways have poor depreciation and there is no adjustment of seats and steering;

Iron Ranes – of course, any metal is much stronger and durable than plastic and wood. They have height adjustment. The only difference from plastic and wooden is not their cheap price and weight. But now in stores there are metal jigs with aluminum frames, which in weight are much easier than jewelry with steel frames;

Wheel material – you also need to pay special attention to the wheels, since children’s runaways come with two types of wheels – this is with hard non -pneumatic and pneumatic. Hard wheels are light in weight and that is why the child can ride at least which road, and parents may not worry that the wheels will pierce or burst the tire. But the rubber wheels, although good depreciation, but you can’t ride with bumpy roads with them. Rubber with rubber wheels is better to buy everything for children from 3 years old and older.

Brakes. Such a function is not on all runaways. A three -year -old child, a runaway must be bought with brakes, since at this age the child is already interested in traveling at high speeds, and it will be very difficult to slow down with legs, as two -year -old babies do.

Legs and parking footboard. If your child is 3 years old or more, then be sure to choose with a stand for the legs, because with it the child will be able to accelerate very much and put on the stand, thereby feels greater interest from skiing. Also, children of the age of three, choose a runway with a parking footboard, so that in the case of a stop near a store or some other public place, it is more convenient for the child to put it.

And in conclusion, on time, buying a baby run, the very first take into account the age of the child so that it is convenient and comfortable for him to ride in such transport.