Why the legs are freezing?

With such unpleasant syndrome as regular freezing of the legs, women more often face old age. There are several reasons for this phenomenon. These sensations may depend on the time of year, psychological state, exacerbation of certain diseases. Sometimes the syndrome is observed almost constantly, regardless of external or internal influences.

The cause of the constantly cold legs can be disorders in the thyroid gland, vegeto-vascular dystonia, diabetes mellitus, raino disease, varicose veins, hormonal malfunctions, venous deficiency of the limbs of the lower. These diseases disrupt blood supply. Since the fat layer is too thin on the legs, and the skin area is large enough, they cool instantly.

With hypoternosis – a reduced thyroid function, all processes slows down, including the release of energy. This causes not only fatigue, but also a feeling of cold. First of all, the legs begin to freeze. Such a disease usually appears after forty years.

Somatoform vegetative dysfunction or vegetative-vascular dystonia may appear at a young age. The impaired equilibrium between the parasympathetic and sympathetic parts of the nervous system leads to the release of adrenaline, malfunctions of internal organs appear, cramps may occur, which leads to freezing of the hands and legs.

The cause of cold legs can be hypotension. With reduced blood pressure, the blood flow is reduced. A sufficient amount of blood does not enter the feet, which causes their cooling.

Smoking leads to the appearance of vascular cramps. Therefore, in the case of a constant sensation of cold in the legs from this bad habit, it is immediately necessary to refuse.

The cause of freezing of the legs may be insufficient hemoglobin levels – iron deficiency anemia.