Stylish autumn accessories 2016

Every woman makes maximum efforts to look attractive and unique. Reflect your inner world, thoughts and desires with your appearance. The popular Danish brand Pandora like no other contributes to this. A distinctive feature of the decorations of the brand is that you yourself decide how your decoration will look like.

There are several types of bracelets of the basics. Then it all depends only on the preferences. The uncountable number of suspensions that are strung on a bracelet do not leave indifferent. Such pendants are called – charm. You can use only one suspension, you can fill them with the entire bracelet completely.

Charming have not only an attractive appearance, but also carry a semantic load. Some pendants symbolize a family or children. They talk about the addiction of the owner to travel. Reflect love, friendship and much more. You can collect the jewelry so that others understand what is happening in the life of the owner at the moment, or collect their perfect bracelet only in appearance – both are true. There are several secrets of decorating Pandora from the Fragola store. Following them, the bracelet will help to instill the enthusiastic views of the surrounding men to the owner, cause the envy of women, and give the constant pleasure of wearing it.

1. The secret is the first to choose the perfect basis for yourself.

This brand has a choice of 4 types of basics, it is silver, gold, leather bracelet and textile. Golden bracelet is the most expensive. Leather and textile bracelets are cheaper and look a little easier. The choice of silver bracelet becomes a golden middle. Silver is a precious metal, in combination with successfully selected charming looks worthy. A leather bracelet can be a complement to it. It is well suited as an addition, and a double leather bracelet looks more advantageous on the arm.

2. Your individual concept

Before buying, it is worth determining what kind of jewelry I would like to see on my arm. The combination of charm of different style looks unsuccessful. Between suspensions, a semantic and stylistic connection should be traced.

3. Golden section

Everything in nature that has symmetry looks more attractive. The same works with Pandora bracelets. The use of repeated charm only decorate the products and make it more spectacular. Mournan glass and crystal are especially bright.

4. It is important to stop in time.

The assortment also presents the beads of PAVA (they are inlaid with a huge number of stones). They stand out among other pendants and look very impressive. Such beads are very in demand among buyers. It is recommended to use no more than 5-6 such beads on the bracelet, then it will acquire its uniqueness and highlight. If you get carried away, the bracelet is overloaded.

5. Use the presented diversity to the maximum.

Combine silver pendants and silver beads, change them according to the mood, weather and time of year. The use of only silver jewelry with a silver base turns a bracelet into one solid mass, and the attractiveness of such a jewelry is lost. Choose beads to taste – they are completely different there are silver beads with bright enamel elements, there are charm, decorated with muran glass, with colored crystal, use pave charm.

Adhering to these simple tips, you are guaranteed to succeed and become the owner of an exquisite unique decoration. Such a bracelet will become an integral life companion and will change after its owner.