Stylish summer hairstyles select color and shape

Blonde with curls, a brunette chips, a cascade or a square, which just does not come to mind. In order to remain in the spotlight, attract the views of men and win the world with its beauty.

Women and hairstyles

In the 19th century, lush wigs, curls, curls were famous for the whole world. Master classes on creating hairstyles allowed the ladies to look good, emphasize the image and decorate their face. With the help of stylish hairstyles, the image of a fashionista was created.

Everything is to the face under the face, it is known a long time ago. By color and to the shape of the face, its contour and oval, various types of hairstyles were chosen. As a result, hairdressers were in great demand among the nobility, elite and modern class of people.

Summer and style for 2016

The past millennia has retained the tendency of hairstyles. Girls change to create an image. In the summer I want to stand out especially, becomes stylish, bright and modern.

Today, mods of fashion offer ways to create a summer hairstyle without problems. Professional cosmetics Redken Chromatics helps girls and women to be with the original hairstyle.

Inventory for hairstyles

New hair care methods are needed at any time. Not only for holidays, girls do styling, begin or wet effect. Cosmetically Chromatics line designed for hair.

It is worth noting that the color is changed due to three -level paint. Staining is carried out without damage to the ends, roots and the entire rod. Dilacy oil is offered in shades:



Black with blue tint.


Multifaceted staining forms effects 4 D. The paint does not contain ammonia, the smell. Gray hair is covered instantly and 100%. Buy cosmetics Redken Chromatics, you can in the online store.

On the sale for hairstyles, such products are offered:

Cleansing shampoo.

Restoring mask.

Strengthening serum.

Fixing pasta – styling.

Aerosol to strengthen fixation.

Shampoo in a white jar against dandruff.

Air conditioners after staining.

Shampoo against smoothing.

Mask for dyed hair – restoration.

Sulfate shampoo.

For the summer season, fashionable hairstyles in strict, free and extravagant style. To a greater extent, in the summer, accessories are highlighted. Scarves, long stilettos, bright hairpins, crabs will become attributes of summer 2016. An abundance of fantasy will become an accent for excellent images and beautiful hairstyles.