How to choose a lip cream?

The fact that the skin around the eyes has increased sensitivity, we all know and remember. Meanwhile, lips require no less attention. A thin layer of skin, a minimum amount of collagen, elastin, constant external influences quickly dry it. The lack of moisture, nutrition affects the shifts, peeling, the appearance of wrinkles above the upper lip. Therefore, a high -quality lip cream is needed, which will support their attractiveness.

Lip creams in stores are offered a lot. This simultaneously simplifies and complicates the choice. Perhaps you are already using the cosmetics of some company in the care of the skin, its quality suits you. In this case, it will be correct to choose the lip cream from the same products. This gives confidence in the effectiveness of the means, that it will not harm.

If there is no “your” cosmetics, you have to choose a cream from a large assortment, you need to focus on the ingredients that are needed to solve your problems. Natural components should be at the beginning of the list of composition.

When choosing a lip cream, preference should be given to the means of well -known, proven manufacturers, such as Ainhoa. You can find them on the site .

Dry lips require urgent moisture. In this case, a tool is required in which there are amino acids, lactic acid, allantoin, urea.

Aloe vera extract has such an effect. Creams containing plant collagen from seaweed, phytoestrogens will help restore lost elasticity. Accelerate metabolism, stimulate the natural production of collagen can be calendula extract. Wheat germ oil, vitamin A activate cell regeneration, green tea extract, caffeine, grape seed oil are natural antioxidants, slow down the aging process.