Persistent hair paints

We can not do without hair dye. A large number of all women on Earth, color their hair. Hair coloring has become so popular that we are not even able to imagine ourselves without this wonderful remedy that creates miracles. There are various hair dyes, it can be both persistent and soft colors. Hair dyes differ in their composition and of course the resistance of preservation on the hair. What exactly happens on the hair if you start dyeing hair? After applying the paint, the process of oxidation begins, and it is why many can call it oxidizing. Natural henna also has an oxidation effect, as it is able to paint and give the hair the not forgotten shine and brightness. What is the difference between persistent hair dyes from ordinary colors? Probably everyone will be interested, find out more about persistent colors. When using persistent hair dye, the process of penetrating the dye into the depths of the hair occurs, later the hair is completely dyed, after penetration, natural hair pigmentation changes. This is the main difference between persistent paint from the usual. The composition of the stance hair dye necessarily includes such chemicals as an oxidizing agent and ammonia. For those who studied chemistry, it will not be news that ammonia is very harmful and especially for hair. One of the main disadvantages of any hair dye, of course, it will be constantly staining overgrown roots. Every month, you will need to tint hair roots, this is a mandatory procedure for all those who want to look perfect and attractive. Many can be called an oxidizing agent – a developer, which consists of a sweet -containing peroxide. This component of a resistant hair dye can cause a chemical reaction. After painting the hair with a persistent paint, the color will stay on the hair for a long time. Also in the composition of the persistent hair dye, various catalysts can include accelerating the process of hair dyeing. Before starting hair dyeing with a resistant paint, it is recommended to conduct a special test to an allergic reaction. Using a persistent hair dye, you can coordinate the color of your hair, even paint over gray hair. This is very convenient if you use a persistent paint. After dyeing hair with a persistent paint, you will look much younger and brighter, you will be in the spotlight at any holiday.

To preserve dyed or highlighted hair healthy:

– After dyeing hair with persistent paint, it is not recommended to be under strong sunlight for a long time, this can adversely affect your hair.

– To wash the hair, it will be necessary to use a special shampoo for dyed hair. Shampoo for dyed hair contains special components that will help maintain the beauty of your hair, even after staining.

– Do not forget about the balm for dyed hair. After washing, apply balm for dyed hair on wet hair, and hold it for two minutes. Balm for dyed hair, perfectly moisturizes your dyed hair, it will also give it not forgotten softness and silkiness.

– Dyed hair with persistent paint, have increased sensitivity. After washing, it is best to dry the dyed hair in a natural way, in which occasions you can not comb wet hair. They will break very quickly, because after staining their structure is not so healthy.

– Daily styling can very poorly affect the hair, especially if the hair is dyed. It is necessary to more accurately make styling. For those who are used to using a hairdryer, in order to make their hair beautifully, you need to apply a special protective serum on clean hair. It will help keep dyed hair in normal condition, serum should be applied before each laying. High temperature, can make dyed hair brittle and overdred, special protective serum, will help maintain moisture in the hair.

Ammonia is one of the main components of the hairline persistent. During the connection of the developer and paint, when mixed, ammonia begins its work. If a strong ammonia is contained in the persistent paint, then this can lead to the appearance of brittleness and fragility of the hair.

Developer. When using a large number of developer, hair can lose sulfur. If the ammonia and the developer are in large quantities in persistent paint, it will last longer on the hair.