Why should Italian sneakers buy?

It is believed that Italian shoes are the best shoes all over the world. We will not argue with this and prove the opposite, but if you still doubt the quality of Italian products, we offer to consider all the pros on the example of Italian sneakers.

Many Italian designers rethought sports shoes and breathed a completely new life into it. Take a look at the Blumarine, Le Silla, Premiata, Tosca Blu and other brands, they are bright, interesting, unusual. Such sneakers can hardly be called shoes for sports, rather, it is a convenient and elegant shoes for creating an image in the style of a sport-chic or Smart casual. Italians are not afraid to experiment, play in contrasts and create progressive models.

Italian sneakers are also an incredible quality. The thing is that in Italy there are the largest number of shoe factories in Europe, which means that among the companies there is severe competition. None of the brands want to lose a reputation and is struggling to produce only high -quality products.

Many Italian shoes for decades and even for centuries shake their skills, develop their own technologies, and use centuries -old traditions of shoe production. It is not surprising that Italian shoes are one of the most durable.

Brand Italian sneakers are comfort. Famous and respected companies select only the best raw materials for their products, develop their own technologies that provide maximum comfort. In Italian sneakers, you can walk all day and your legs will not get tired, your skin will breathe, and your fingers will be protected from blows.

Italy designers have amazing intuition and predict the desires of millions of people around the world. This is another plus, because of which you will want to buy Italian sneakers.

Materials for the manufacture of sneakers

Each of the brands tries to use only the best raw materials and the best materials for making sneakers:

skin – genuine leather is the main material from which shoes are produced. Sneakers are soft, strong, durable. You need to take care of the skin – wash after each walk, wipe with a damp cloth, use a special cream;

suede – it can be completely suede sneakers or combined. In suede sneakers, it is undesirable to get into the rain, they need to be cleaned of dust and dirt, use a special spray and a brush;

Lacked skin – Sneakers from this material look elegant and stylish, but you need to care. Wipe the varnished skin with a soft cloth, the usual cream for leather shoes is not used. Wear such sneakers must be carefully so as not to scratch;

Textile – material is used in the production of sneakers for sports, for travel or everyday wearing. Many textile sneakers can be washed in a typewriter – branded models retain their original appearance for a long time.

The most famous Italian brands

On the Rechi website you will find models with rhinestones, fur, embroidery, spikes, evening models, Vegan Friendly, combined options – all these are products of the world -famous Italian brands:

Tosca Blu – a young Italian brand in comparison with other companies, which creates youth models of sneakers with an interesting decor;

Giuseppe Zanotti – Sneakers of this brand, first of all, are most convenient, light, comfortable for daily wear. Brand designers are not afraid to experiment with different materials and textures;

Premiata is interesting and unusual models that will help create a stylish image. These are sneakers with fur, strewn with decorative buttons, bright, with a painted sole;

Marzetti – The brand uses innovative technologies in the production of sneakers. For example, a strong sole has been developed, which is not erased for a long time.

Sneakers that will never go out of fashion

Italy is considered one of the countries of the Fashion Contacts. It is here that many wardrobe items were born, which will never go out of fashion. As for the sneakers, they will always be relevant:

completely white model – these are sneakers that will always be relevant. They are easy to combine with things from different styles, they look good at any time of the year;

Sneakers on the platform are models with not a very thick platform, streamlined, with interesting decor elements;

Velcro sneakers – once such models produced a splash. These sneakers can be decorated with rhinestones, rivets, embroidery or applications;

High sneakers – these models either go out of fashion, then again become the most popular. Sneakers of medium height will always be relevant and universal for any image.