Bracelets Fashion 2016

End the image is entrusted to bracelets. We will not retreat from the intended path and plunge into the fairy tale of perfect fashion bracelets. Designers, forgot about a fashionista and for 2016 tried to create a unique collection, the concept of which was the uniqueness, elegance and ease. In the new season, huge, weighty jewelry almost disappeared, giving way to sophisticated models with a bizarre design, and you can learn more about the latest trends in this article.

Combining minimalism and surrealism in one bracelet, designers have achieved an incredible effect of integrity and complexity in one ensemble. Smooth, metal forms combined with soft materials filled jewelry with an incredible sense of comfort and heat. The combination of the latest materials with natural wool made it possible to combine several generations, which means that the border was wiped for owners. Fabric, gold, leather, plastic, metal, gems intertwined in a single impulse of human feelings.

Leather bracelets in several layers are recognized as fashionable. Leather straps and threads with delicate beads sets an interesting tone for the whole image – a vulnerable and elegant warrior. An interesting combination of flowers will allow you to wear such a bracelet with any style of clothing, starting from Kasel to an office strict style. The naturalness of such a jewelry can easily be used in beach images. Therefore, buying a bracelet once, you can use it to create a number of fashionable onions.

Do-it-yourself bracelets are still on top. Everyone is able to make them, it is enough to buy inexpensive beads for Pandora bracelets and a unique decoration already on your thin hand. If a long sleeve closes all the beauty of the bracelet, then you can go to the trick, buy pendants for Pandora, which will elegantly peep out of clothes.

Noble metals chains will never leave the tops. The only change, there are many of them too. At the same time, if the thin dozens of chains decorated the last season, then in this it is necessary to choose thicker options that combine 5-6 curved lines. Such gold jewelry is appropriate in theaters, cinema, parties, concerts and social racks. The chic shine of such a jewelry will give the image elegance and femininity.

In wedding bracelet fashion, the first place for pearls is still. Tender beads collected on an inconspicuous rope are diluted with beautiful, curly stones or rhinestones. It is not rare to find options where shiny elements are very similar to flowers or leaves with their outline. Such a selection emphasizes the virginity of the image and the purity of thought.