The pluses of a small chest

Small chest

Many women believe that small breasts are not beautiful, not fashionable, not relevant, not sexy, and there are no more things “not”. And, perhaps, in reality, everything is a little different?

Who told you that small breasts cannot be fashionable or sexy? And you did not think that you and your body as part of yourself are beautiful, you need to accept, and most importantly, love as you have from nature-matches. Western women have already understood and realized the comfort, convenience and advantage of a small breast, even more – now women have lost their desire to turn their body into a “piece of silicone jelly”.

Undoubtedly, lush forms of bust, feminine bends of the body, beautiful forms, cause increased attention and admiration for many men. As a result, as a rule, girls and women not with such magnificent forms felt in something infringed and offended. However, women with beautiful forms also experience some inconvenience and certain discomfort because of these "charms".

The truth is regarding the female breast that its size is not able to make women beautiful or more attractive, or somehow reduce her beauty. Experienced women know all their strengths and weaknesses, and therefore they regard the opinion of the beauty of the people around them as subjective and do not attach much attention to him and significance. Such women enjoy their forms and their natural beauty, which is laid together with the genes of parents. You should not “poke” fashion trends and trends in everything, love yourself as you are, because a small chest also has your advantages.


The advantages of a small breast:

the opportunity to lie on the stomach, without fearing for your chest and not experiencing, in case of sleep, discomfort;

You can engage in any kind of sport without fear of losing a beautiful shape of the chest;

It is much more convenient to look for clothes under a small chest than in the case of magnificent forms;

over time, the chest will not lose its shape and will not become less elastic and sagging.