Hair extension and creating a beautiful hairstyle of an experienced hairdresser

Brief hair extension is a procedure that has long become possible. If earlier it was necessary to have a length of at least 5 centimeters, now the hair is growing even from 2 centimeters. Moreover, this is done very firmly and efficiently, because there are many special techniques, substances that help create a beautiful hairstyle from scratch.

This procedure will help those people who have passed chemotherapy courses. Hair is also perfectly increased to those places where there are bald spots, or the hair structure is damaged by tearing, cutting, or other chemicals. Unfortunately, some people spoil their hair with paint, and they weaken, become very brittle, thin, often fall out. This does not matter, because the modern increase technique also implies treatment so that artificial strands stay for a long time and firmly.

Almost always a hairdresser has to trim natural hair to prepare the ground for increasing. This process is very long and requiring patience. First, the scalp is impregnated with oils, then the hair is treated with special liquids so that artificial strands lay firmly and evenly. After that, there is a thorough combing of the hair, their cutting and giving a beautiful shape.

The extension has long become popular, if only because it does not spoil your real hair. This is a great alternative to wigs that are more expensive, and do not always look like it should. If you want to wear long hair, but your growth is very slow – make an extension, and you will not notice how your hair will grow. Many myths about their loss have long been debunked with modern technologies, so anyone can fulfill their dream, and get a chic hairstyle in one day.