The correct diet is the key to the health of a cat

Only the kitten celebrates the first year of life, it is called adults. And for adults, food changes radically. Dairy products are removed, more meat products are added.

Or vice versa, instead of home nutrition, the animal is transferred to another type of nutrition. Then the owner can order dry food for cats with delivery Ukraine. Whatever the choice, it can have a good or pernicious effect on the body of a still growing cat.

What problems can the cat have due to the wrong diet?

The food of the cat should not only be balanced in nutrients, but also correspond to the time of feeding. The kitten gets used to regular meals at least 6 times a day. With growing up, the cat cannot go away sharply to eat 2 times for the whole day.

The diet of a cat for a day is necessarily access to bowls with food and water at least 4 times a day per day. The fact is that cats weigh little, depending on the breed. Therefore, cats themselves divide food intake into comfortable segments for the body. There are often, but in small portions – this is the credo of the life of fluffy animals.

You probably know the energy habits of the animal. How much time does he spend alert, and how often lies, hibernates. Correct the diet, given the knowledge. Too rare feeding violates the metabolism of the cat and harms the functioning of internal organs.

The choice in favor of dry, humid or home feed depends on your preference. The first two types of feed do not need time to prepare them. But it is important not to choose too cheap food. Cooking separately for a cat should also be balanced and differ from food from the hosts table.

What should be good and healthy food?

Chose wet food for cats? Study the instructions, read reviews from other owners, ask friends who have already fed your animal product. Do not neglect the tips of the veterinarian. In specialized animal feed stores, consultants can also tell about the features of feed from different manufacturers.

Price is an important factor that forms the purchasing power. Do not catch too small price. Although it is attractive to the wallet, the food will harm the health of the pet with low quality products. Expensive food is backed up by quality certificates, but may be inaccessible to the owner’s finance. Golden mean good choice.

Dry food for premium cats meets all daytime standards of an adult animal and is recommended by veterinarians. Food can be selected independently in a specialized store for animal products. In premium supermarkets, there is less often due to its price.