The best gift is memorable impressions

If you have an important event: a friend’s birthday, a memorable date of your beloved or just a traditional holiday, you have undoubtedly thought about a gift. You can present practical things or present money in an envelope. It seems to be quite good, but such a choice is unlikely to hurt the soul of a person. Things will deteriorate or get lost, money will be spent. The only value that will remain with us forever is vivid impressions.

It turns out that solving the problem is not so difficult. Today, many salons, firms, online stores offer a service – an impression as a gift. In other words, you can purchase a certificate for an exciting, pleasant or healthy pastime, designed for every taste and age.

For example, a lover of cosmetic procedures is suitable for a SPA-Salon subscription, an avid player in Bowling will be happy to visit her favorite club, and the young fashionist will appeal to a professional photo shoot. Options – countless. Extreme driving courses, Thai massage or landscape design lessons – can be listed indefinitely.

Extreme lovers can be advised – zorbing, that is, a descent from a high hill in a transparent sphere, parachute jumping, a ballooning balloon.

The male company will be happy to do paintball, visit theatrical battles or a biker show.

Romantic excursions, original dates in the dark, and, possibly, visiting nightclubs for adults will like lovers.

In short, the choice is huge. The main thing is not to get confused in the sea of ​​sentences and choose exactly what will have to be close to the heart.