International Coral Club

International Coral Club is an international commercial organization created according to the principles of network marketing. This company carries out its activities in the field of production and sale, various biologically active additives, cosmetic and hygienic agents, as well as a variety of auxiliary protective devices. Visit the Coral Club Official Site right today, and put it up to make an order at a discount.

The name of the company "International Coral Club" comes from the concept of "coral waters" led by this organization. This concept implies a certain type of water, which has been in contact with the calcium of the “Corals Sango” for a long time, which are located near the island of Okinawa in Japan. Digging claims that this water has very valuable healing properties and is very useful for humans.

Central Office company International Coral Club is located in Russia in the city of Moscow, which is why the main activity of this organization is mainly concentrated in the CIS countries. But besides this, the "International Coral Club" has its representative offices in many countries of Western Europe and the USA.