Which New Year’s suit to choose for crumbs?

The New Year is rapidly approaching and parents have many worries on the eve of the celebration: buy a Christmas tree, decorate the house, prepare gifts, think about contests, take care of holidays for the smallest. The children’s suit of a spider is the most popular among boys, while girls want to be princesses and fairies.

Today you can’t do without costumes and completely crumbs. Small children have no addictions yet, so masquerade costumes are chosen for them by parents. But preference is better given to outfits from natural fabric.

The costume should be comfortable and safe for the child: the fabric should not chop the skin of the baby, the length of the ribbons and fringe should be controlled so that the baby is not yet firmly standing on the legs is not confused in them.

If a festive photo shoot is planned, then it is advisable to spend it a week before the New Year. A calm home environment will not allow the baby to be nervous and photos of the crumbs in the costume of the dragon or bunny sitting under the Christmas tree will turn out funny.

The ideas of costumes for completely crumbs are in the manufacture of overalls imitating insects, animals or fairy -tale heroes. For example, for one-year-old babies and infants, you can make a costume of pepper, lizard, centipede, snake-ghorynych. In such models of costumes, you can completely refuse pants at the bottom of the overalls and end in the form of a tail if the baby does not walk.

If there is no opportunity to sew a suit yourself, then you can take a ready -made overalls and decorate it with details, reflecting the idea of ​​transforming a child into the desired character.

Children who have already grown up with joy will perceive the idea of ​​turning into animals. From the children, pretty bunnies, cubs, dragons, chanterelles, cats, mouse, hippo and other animals are obtained from the children.