Teenage diet

Teenage diet

In the life of every person there are periods requiring a special approach to nutrition. This is, of course, infancy, pregnancy and adolescence. This period is not in vain considered very difficult. The surge of hormones sometimes provokes excessive resentment, aggression, sometimes a depressed state, depression.

At this time, the understanding and acceptance of the child by parents is especially important. They must take care of the normal course of puberty.

What should be a teenage diet?

At the age of 13-18, the body undergoes global changes. These changes are subject to both physical data and the psyche. Before that, a little man begins to turn into a young man or woman. The child begins to grow intensely, the genitals change radically, clearly expressed sexual characteristics appear. During this period, for each kilogram of weight, energy is consumed one and a half times greater than that of an adult. This difference must be replenished with a special diet. A diet here should not be perceived as a restriction in nutrition. On the contrary – the body must get everything necessary, and in sufficient quantities.

The most important building material for the growing body is protein. And basically it should be the protein of animal origin. Young men must consume it at least 110 grams daily. For girls, this norm is 10 grams below. The amount of fat is required the same, but they should be mainly plant. Remember that the lack of fats leads to a violation of the immunobiological functions of the body of the teenager. And fats dissolve and contribute to the absorption of vitamins D and A.


Carbohydrates should be contained in the diet of young men in the amount of 430 grams, girls – 370 grams. Carbohydrates are simply necessary for successful study, because they nourish the brain. The total calorie content should not be lower than 3100 kcal and 2700 kcal, respectively. Such a diet is able not only to give all the substances necessary for the body, but also to prevent adolescence such as acne and acne.

The basis of the diet should be fish, meat and dairy products. For brain development, phosphoproteins and vitellin are extremely necessary. They are contained in products such as eggs and goat milk. In general, milk is an invaluable source of amino acids, micro – and macro elements. And to talk about the need for calcium, also contained in milk and does not have to.

Carbohydrates entering the growing body should be removed from fruits, berries and vegetables. But sweets and flour are better to limit. There is no benefit from them, but to postpone the waist of adolescents, already preoccupied with their appearance, can easily. Girls at this age completely perceive their rounding forms as a sign of completeness. This is a sore spot of every teenager. As a rule, the dumplings experience ridicule, and often completely rejection of the team. Therefore, it is important to maintain a figure not only for physical, but also for mental health. If the teenager is not able to deny himself a piece of the cake, make sure that his motor activity burns calories without a trace. However, macarone of solid varieties will deliver such a necessary magnesium to the body.

Modern adolescents spend more and more time at the computer, and this is very harmful for both the spine and weight. Build a teenager for sports, an active lifestyle. It is best to do this by your own example. Then about excess weight, and about problems with the spine can be forgotten.

Nutrition of adolescents

For adolescents, sufficient intake of vitamins is very important. Especially vitamins A and D. To get the first you need to eat liver, sour cream, carrots, fish. Vitamin D is synthesized under the influence of sunlight, so it is important to spend enough time in the fresh air. In order for the body to synthesize the daily dose of vitamin D, the only fifteen minutes of being under the open sun of the palms of the hands is enough.

B vitamins are indispensable in the formation of almost all body systems. Their source is fruits and vegetables. It will not be superfluous to buy multivitamins in which the content of all trace elements and vitamins is brought the daily norm.

The right diet is the key to health and beauty in adulthood.