Mobile technologies to help a beautiful floor or how to extend the life of a mobile phone

At the moment, the technology has become so developed that mobile phones can last even longer than 5 years. Men basically everyone understands mobile devices, computers and so on, but women only know how to use them, and what needs to be done so that they do not know everything with these devices, or they know, but they believe that all these rules – These are trifles. Of course, the state of your phone depends on compliance with these rules, how long it can serve you. You must definitely remember that at least once a month you need to completely discharge the battery, and then charge. You will also have to try to sometimes look at the phone’s battery, if you see 15 percent there, then the phone urgently needs to be charged. If a person often use a low -level phone, then this will entail many problems.

If you do not have the opportunity to use your mobile device for some time, then first look at the charging, there should be more than 20 percent. If you want to purchase a battery, then by clicking on this link /Akkumlyatory /, you can always do it. Remember that you need to completely discharge the phone only before the first use, and then there is no need for it, so on the contrary, you will ruin it much faster. Also, do not leave your mobile device at night in charge so that there is no, so to speak, overburchant. This adversely affect the duration of the battery service and soon you will have to change the device. Some argue that it is necessary to remove the phone from charging at night, and some think that it does not matter at all, because then, when it will not be charged 100 percent.

As for temperature, this is a very important question. It is desirable that the phone is in average temperature, namely, starting from 0 to 35 degrees – this is the most optimal option, in other cases you can harm the battery, and, consequently, the phone itself. Do not forget to remove the cover before charging, as it will prevent. If you have such an opportunity when you charge the phone, turn off the Internet, bluetooth, cell data and so on, then it will be perfect. If you observe all of the above tips, then your mobile device will serve you much longer and will delight you every day.