How to choose a Lego designer?

Designers can rightly be called the most popular children’s toy. They provide greater freedom for creativity, develop various abilities of physical and mental. Therefore, pediatricians, children’s psychologists are recommended to purchase designers for a child of any age. Among the large number of similar games, the products of LEGO are most popular around the world. The company provides a large assortment of designers to the market, which makes it possible to choose an attractive option for each child.

When choosing a game, it is necessary to take into account the child’s age and his personal interests and preferences. LEGO designer with small elements for children under three years old cannot be bought. Kids at this age often surrounding objects “try on a tooth”, take in their mouths, and they can swallow a small part. In addition, such designers are too complicated for them, the baby will quickly lose interest in them. For young children, there will be excellent options, cubes, construction sets. They will help to develop fine motor skills of the fingers, teach you to distinguish between colors, learn the size and shape.

After three years, you need to purchase a child Lego designers with a large number of small elements. Classes with such games will develop creative thinking, concentration, concentration of attention, logic, perseverance.

An important factor when choosing a designer is its topic. From 4 years old, children are happy to play role-playing, plot games, are interested in various professions, model life or fabulous situations. For them, the thematic designer will become a worthy assistant.

Choosing such games, you should focus on the preference of the child. Lego product range is constantly being replenished. The developers of the new designers take into account the interests of children today, so you can find an option for admirers of various cartoons and films so that the child can feel like a beloved hero, make the stories seen during the game.

No less interesting and useful are designers who make it possible to assemble a technical tool, build a zoo, a farm, a house for a family, a fire department, a gas station, etc. Children in such games learn to equip a house, care for animals, master the basics of professions.

All Lego designers are made from environmentally friendly materials that have undergone laboratory check. Therefore, for children’s health, parents do not need to worry.