Soap at home

Preparation of soap from scratch at home, this is a process in which alkalis will be used various oils, animals and vegetable oils. Close is sodium hydroxide, it has the property. Soapy at home occurs using stearic acid, sea salt, various dyes, clay of different colors, bee wax, essential oils and other components. The process of making soap is very interesting, so you can use various components that you like the most in the process. Everyone will appeal to soapworking at home, and now, after familiarizing yourself with the articles, you can also cook aromatic and original soap on your own.

Soap -breeding at home is especially relevant before large holidays, as you can prepare as a gift to your loved ones of the soap of your own manufacture. The following components will be required to prepare gift soap: – 24 grams of bee wax, 160 grams. castor oil, 80 grams of coconut oil, 80 grams. corn oil, 400 grams. palm oil, 100 grams of alkali and 200 grams of water. We proceed to the cooking process: – In a hot bath you need to melt coconut oil, palm oil and bee wax. After melted oil, add liquid soap. We measure 100 grams of alkali and 200 grams of cold water. The alkali must be carefully poured into the water, constantly stirring with a wooden spoon. Alkaline solution and oil should have one temperature, the temperature should be 60 degrees. After the mixture, beat with a mixer until a homogeneous consistency is obtained. In the process of making soap, use dry herbs, various aromas and essential oils. After you need to prepare special shapes for soap, they can be completely different shapes. If you want to cook transparent soap at home, then it is best to use liquid transparent soap as a basis. Many, prepare soap at home use ordinary baby soap. The soap needs to be grated and then mixed with oils and herbs. Other handmade soap recipes will be in the new materials of the site.